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Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop can be used for practically anything image related, which includes photo manipulation, image retouching and correction, special effects, digital illustrations or the creation of artwork starting with a blank canvas.

Adobe InDesign

Learn how to build strong foundations for your page design, explore creative applications for lines and shapes, and discover how to break the rules while maintaining the underlying structure of a page.

Adobe Photoshop for Beauty Retouching

Beautiful photography as a model is how you get your next job, now retouching your own photographs is just one Photoshop course away.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful and versatile tool for creating illustrations for the print and web. By tapping the power of this vector based program, you can create detailed and scalable art for almost any application.

Finishing Art

From first concept to beautifully printed piece in your hand. In this course you will learn how to complete your print jobs with the finesse and expertise of an old school finishing artist.


In the HTML/CSS Essentials course we will introduce you to the essential practices of HTML and CSS: the two core languages of the web - also known as front-end languages.

HTML5/CSS3 & Responsive

As the amount of mobile devices increase exponentially each year in all shapes and formats, the web is drastically trying to keep up.


If you are an aspiring web programmer who wants to enhance add commercial value to your already functional HTML sites - then this is the course for you!

Front-End Web Development Master Classes

If you are an aspiring web programmer who wants to enhance add commercial value to your already functional HTML sites - then this is the course for you!

Digital Books 1

Expand your InDesign skills, and learn how to turn simple print media into engaging, interactive content for screen. Explore the various tools for creating interactive content for screen publications via PDF format.

Digital Books 2

Create apps that captivate your contemporary audiences. Attract new readers and tap into revenue streams that are the future of your business.

Digital Books 3

Crossing the divide from printed book to ePub or eBook is a simple process with Adobe InDesign. Learn to prepare a print ready file for export to ePub format.

3D Sculpting & Retopology

Interested in Modeling for Games? Join our evening courses, and give yourself an excellent foundation in the world of 3D modeling and rendering.

3D Modeling & Texturing

Interested in Modeling for Games? Join our evening courses, and give yourself an excellent foundation in the world of 3D modeling and rendering.



2 Year Digital Design Course

Our 2 year Digital Design Course combines both the Print & Web Design Courses, giving you the most thorough foundation available in the instruction of Digital Design today.

Print Design & Publishing

Our accredited one-year, practical Print Design and Publishing course is designed to give you a thorough understanding of the print media environment.

Web Publishing & Interactive Media

In this one year course, learners will gain the practical and technical skills required to create professional looking, fast, and especially, device-agnostic 2D animations, video clips, sound effects and voice-overs, websites, emailers, and more.

Game Graphics & Multimedia Entertainment

Are you fascinated and excited by online or mobile games? Do 3D Graphics, animation and programming get your creative juices flowing? Then get an exciting career in digital entertainment!

Latest News & Events


Game Industry Day

If you'd like to find out more about what's happening in and around Cape Town in terms of Game Development, new technology application and where the industry is going, join us after the Creative Mornings event on the 12th of December, 2014.

Open Day Presentation

Come along to our Open Day Presentation and learn more about our amazing courses and your future career prospects in Digital Design.

First Thursdays - November 2014

Whether photography or oil on canvas, Friends of Design’s spotlight…

ePub Breakfast

The Digital Publishing Breakfast, hosted by Friends of Design, will act as a gateway for companies to better understand the dynamic world of ePub.

HERO Custom Skate-Deck Exhibition

We’re talking custom skateboards, each customised and showcased at the HERO exhibition, all at Friends of Design on Thursday, 7th August 2014.

HERO Custom Skate-Deck Workshop

Find out how to paint and customise a skate deck – including techniques, tips and tricks, how to adjust the shape, and how to create adornments.

Blending imagination with technology

Friends of Design are offering potential students the opportunity to master the essentials needed to enter the dynamic world of 3D modeling.

Graduation 2013

The graduation ceremony for Friends of Design’s crop of 2013 students was, as always, an amazing event filled with inspirational words, exaltation and of course, an overload of design excellence.

Wanna be an After Effects whizz?

Want to put those creative skills and vivid imagination to use and create incredible motion graphics and blockbuster visual effects?

‘V’ is for Vinyl - HERO Expo

Friday night saw a gallery of legal artists and creatives…

HERO Vinyl Toy Expo

Mo' Munny Mo' Munny We're talking vinyl figures, each customised…

HERO - Vinyl Toy Workshop

Create your own hero and showcase it at our expo The world…

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