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Next course starts 11 June 2018.

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Composite and motion graphics are in high demand these days, and there’s no better tool for producing them than Adobe AfterEffects. During this course you’ll learn how to create top-notch motion graphics, composite various assets into a single video using industry-standard workflows and export the final output to the most commonly-used formats. You’ll also explore design principles relating to graphics and text in motion and discover how to use this versatile medium for maximum effect.

What will I learn?

This short course is packed with theoretical and practical training that includes:

The Basics
Getting Started with Animation
Layer Masking in After Effects
Advanced Animation
Advanced Features


What are the course requirements?

Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator Essentials.

What are the course requirements?

Students joining this course should have a basic understanding of design applications like Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe Illustrator.

How much does the course cost?

R6, 280.00

How much does the course cost?

Cost includes VAT and a 2GB Flashstick.

Course Schedule

Next course:
11 June 2018

Course Schedule

11 June - 4 July 2018
25 September - 17 October 2018

Monday - Wednesday, 17h30 - 20h30

Classes on a public holiday will shift to the next available date, arranged by the lecturer.

What do we receive at the end of the course?

Certificate of

What do we receive at the end of the course?

You will receive a Friends of Design Certificate of Completion showing the Apple and Adobe logos, as well as your details and the details of the course you completed.


Lodi Ingha

Originally from the DRC, Lodi’s passion for art and storytelling led him to Cape Town to pursue a career in visual arts. Upon completing a degree in graphic design, Lodi spent many years working on multidisciplinary projects that integrate music, storytelling and animation. In addition to lecturing at Friends of Design and freelancing, Lodi is also a musician and multi-lingual lyricist who regularly performs his own brand of acoustic music.

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