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First Thursdays – November 2014

Whether photography or oil on canvas, Friends of Design’s spotlight of this months’ First Thurdays exhibition is on humans. There are few people in the world who don’t swim with the tide. The photographer Thom Pierce focused on humans that took a stand against compulsory military service for white males during apartheid. Although their actions […]

ePub Breakfast

The Digital Publishing Breakfast, hosted by Friends of Design, will act as a gateway for companies to better understand the dynamic world of ePub.

‘V’ is for Vinyl – HERO Expo

Friday night saw a gallery of legal artists and creatives gather round to display their customised Munny made from vinyl as opposed to the original concept produced by taggers (illegal artists) at our Hero exhibition. This is the Hero exhibition follow-up to the workshop held here at Friends of Design, the first of its kind […]

HERO Vinyl Toy Expo

Mo’ Munny Mo’ Munny We’re talking vinyl figures, each customised and showcased at the Hero exhibition, all at Friends of Design – Academy of Digital Arts on Friday, 27th September. See your favourite comic heroes and/or fiends cast in stone, eerrrr, vinyl (toys) under the direction of professional illustrators at our previous workshop, held last […]

HERO – Vinyl Toy Workshop

Create your own hero and showcase it at our expo The world of comics is full of amazing superheroes, each with their own superpowers, strengths and weaknesses. From Batman and Spiderman, to the Incredible Hulk, Wonder Woman and Banana Man, everyone has their favourite character, whether they are good, bad or somewhere in-between! Led by […]

Early Birds get the Discount

BENEFIT from a DISCOUNTED price for the year if you enrol on or before 31st August 2013 – and pay 2013 Prices.

Photoshop CS6 Online Course

Overview If you are an aspiring or working Print or Web Designer, Adobe Photoshop is an indispensable tool for image editing, compositing and finally outputting your finished work to a broad range of formats for both print and web. We will teach you from a basic level to intermediate how to use this fantastic program […]

AR Workshop 2012

Friends of Design is hosting yet another exciting, FREE workshop around Augmented Reality, Gaming Technology and the Media Industry. On the evening before our Open Day on October 13th 2012, you will have the chance to participate in a short workshop around Augmented Reality, introducing you to its possibilities and how it all works. Always staying […]

Becoming a Game Designer in SA

An interview with Danny Day – aka – ‘Dislekcia’. Co-founder of QCF Design, and ‘Indie’ Game Developer, Day is known for his multitude of games, inlcuding the ever-popular ‘Desktop Dungeons’. In a recent visit to our Cape Town campus, Day offered our young and aspiring Game Design students a rare insight into the pros and […]

Creative Guru Lands on the Mothership

Nominated 2014 Word Design Capital, it’s no wonder Austrian Creative Guru, Mario Pricken, would find himself in the Mother City last weekend to present his widely acclaimed ‘Creative Techniques‘ workshop. Proudly hosted by Friends of Design, the intensive two-day workshop saw the synergy of an eclectic group of 20 creatives from all four corners of […]

Making the Web human

According to experts, mobile browsing will become the choice of most consumers over desktop based browsing within three to five years. We’ve seen this happen, slowly but surely and who of us these days does not have a smart phone? Google, Facebook, Maps are at our fingertips no matter where we are and just getting […]

HTML5/CSS3 & Responsive

This course consists out of a series of lectures and practical workshops aimed at developing a full range of skills required for developing flexible information based systems for the web.