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Next course starts 16 April 2018.

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Improve your web pages with enhanced usability and dynamic content!

JavaScript is one of the world’s most popular scripting languages and the scripting language of the world wide web. Together with frameworks such as jQuery, the most popular JavaScript­ based library, the web is more powerful than ever before, ­allowing web authors with little or no programming knowledge to quickly pick up the web development skills they desire.

By learning JavaScript as well as jQuery, you will be able to manipulate web page elements, add dynamic content, improve the user experience with interesting transitions & animations, add HTML form validation and much more.

During this 5 week course learners will be taught the principles of programming from the ground up and learn how to integrate JavaScript & jQuery seamlessly into their front­-end HTML/CSS designs.

What will I learn?

This short course is packed with theoretical and practical training that includes:

Working with JavaScript
Working with jQuery


What are the course requirements?

Experience in HTML5 / CSS3
and Responsive design.

What are the course requirements?

Students joining this course should have knowledge and understanding of HTML and CSS, as well as responsive design techniques.

How much does the course cost?

R6, 500.00

How much does the course cost?

Book ALL 4 modules offered in the Web Course and get a 20% discount, OR the 3 Front End modules (UX & UI, HTML5/CSS3 & Responsive Design, JavaScript & jQuery), and get a 10% discount!

Payment options also available when booking one of the Web Packages.

Course Schedule

Next course:
16 Apr 2018

Course Schedule

16 April – 16 May 2018
16 July – 15 August 2018
15 October – 14 November 2018

Monday - Wednesday, 17h30 - 20h30

Classes on a public holiday will shift to the next available date, arranged by the lecturer.

What do we receive at the end of the course?

Certificate of

What do we receive at the end of the course?

You will receive a Friends of Design Certificate of Completion showing the Apple and Adobe logos, as well as your details and the details of the course you completed.


Steven Eksteen

Steven is a full-stack developer, who's worked with a variety of backend languages and tools. In fact, he won an award for his API work on the Multichoice products. He's climbed all the way to the top of the corporate ladder, but finds far greater enjoyment from rapidly developing for start-ups and his two Angel-funded projects.

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