Content Management Systems

Learn to design and develop websites with an industry trusted CMS WordPress

The server-side scripting evening course consists of a series of lectures and practical workshops aimed at developing the necessary skills to create and maintain database-driven web pages.
The learner will be introduced to an HTML preprocessor (PHP) and databases (MySQL) in order to modularize and cater content to user requests. He/she will also be introduced to content management systems (CMS) and discover how they are created and used to help the client take care of their own content.
This course provides an in-depth focus on installing and customising content for one of the world’s most popular CMSs, WordPress. By using some server and client side scripting knowledge, the learner will go on to build a customised template in order to present their own design powered by the WordPress platform.

Course Requirements

Students should have working knowledge and understanding of the following:

Course objectives

By the end of the course students will have usable knowledge of the following:

  • Successfully install and use an Apache and MySQL testing server
  • Know how to write clean and syntactically correct PHP
  • Gain introductory knowledge about advanced PHP functions
  • Successfully be able to use a combination of part of the PHP code to create custom functionality.
  • Be able to install the WordPress CMS and manage content
  • Be able to customize an existing WordPress theme
  • Envision and create a custom WordPress theme using HTML/CSS, PHP and JavaScript

Pricing also available for customised, on-site or group training.


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