Friends of Design Academy of Digital Arts is committed to nurturing talented creatives from all walks of life, and many of our prospective students rely on corporate funding to pursue their studies.

Your business could change their lives.

Why Skills Development is important to your business.

Earning B-BBEE points is vital for most businesses competing on the South African market. There are several ways to earn these points, including Skills Development – arguably one of the simplest and most transformative B-BBEE points categories.

By funding a previously disadvantaged student’s studies, your business not only actively fuels transformation in our country, it also increases the pool of talented, highly-qualified individuals from B-BBEE-eligible backgrounds on the hiring market.

This creates excellent employment opportunities that can feed into your business’ skills shortages, increase your employment equity quota, and further maximise your B-BBEE points.

How to earn Skills Development Points.

To earn Skills Development points, all affected South African business are required to invest a percentage of their annual salary spend into the country’s Skills Development Fund via the Skills Development Levy.

To maximise their points, however, most businesses further enhance their Workplace Skills Plan by:

Sponsoring students in qualifying learning programmes
• Absorbing sponsored students into the workforce, post-graduation, where possible

B-BBEE How to earn Skills Development Points

Maximising your ROI.

To get the best return on your investment in Skills Development, it’s essential to choose your students, learning programmes and educational institutions wisely.

This is where Friends of Design can help.

As a small, specialist college, we only accept applicants with the required aptitude to succeed in their field. With the help of our intensive, industry-related training programmes, our graduates are renowned for their skill and employability, and 90% find employment within 3 months of graduation.

This means your business can not only benefit from the B-BBEE points earned by sponsoring a student at Friends of Design, you can also absorb them into your workforce for bonus points, and rest assured that they will be productive and valuable members of staff from day one.

B-BBEE Qualifying Courses

Qualifying Courses.

Friends of Design Academy of Digital Arts is an accredited private Higher Education Institution (Reg. no 2010/HE07/014).

We currently offer three, SAQA-approved, full-time, 1-year, Higher Certificate courses in:

We are awaiting accreditation of our 1-year, full-time Concept Art program which will be added to our qualifying courses soon.


Friends of Design 1-Year Higher Certificate courses cost R76,800 per student. Entry level salaries for our graduates currently range from R10,000 to R25,000 per month.

Orientation and Classes begin January 2019. Late enrolments are accepted.