An introduction to UX and UI

These are the first steps in the creation of a website. The students will learn the core fundamentals on how to design user interfaces for both desktop and mobile devices. The student will also gain a deeper understanding into the methodologies used to create and test the User Experience, to enhance the design and provide a better end product for both the client and the end user.

User Interface Designers
A User Interface Designer is concerned with how the product is laid out – they are in charge of designing each screen or web-page that the user interacts with, ensuring that users will follow the communication path the UX designer has already set.

User Experience Designers
A User Experience Designer is focused on how a website **feels**
The responsibility of a UX designer is to make sure a website flows logically. UX Designers are in a way like mini-psychologists, they ask questions that are routed in Behavioural Psychology, in order to understand better what people do when it comes to using digital platforms. They also do what is known as Beta-Testing, so the UX designer can gain a better understanding of how people are interpreting and interacting with the intended communication.


This short course is packed with theoretical and practical training that includes:



Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator Essentials.

What Are The Course Requirements?

Students joining this course should have a basic understanding of design applications like Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe Illustrator.



How Much Does The Course Cost?

Book ALL 4 modules offered in the Web Course and get a 20% discount, OR the 3 Front End modules (UX & UI, HTML5/CSS3 & Responsive Design, JavaScript & jQuery), and get a 10% discount!

Payment options also available when booking one of the Web Packages.

Course Schedule

29 October – 21 November 2018

Monday – Wednesday, 17h30 – 20h30

Classes on a public holiday will shift to the next available date, arranged by the lecturer.


Certificate Of Completion

What Do You Receive At The End Of The Course?

You will receive a Friends of Design Certificate of Completion showing the Apple and Adobe logos, as well as your details and the details of the course you completed.

Pierre Meet Your Lecturer

Meet Your Lecturer.


Pierre began his career in digital design in 2001 and soon combined his love of marketing with his photographic and design skills to form an all round package that saw him put his talents to the test in various digital environments. He has created a seamless UX/UI short course for the Academy and loves bringing it full circle with HTML5 and CSS3. “Teaching is pure passion, it brings a deep sense of job satisfaction when you see the light bulbs go on.”

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Short UX & UI Design Testimonials

What people say about usTestimonials from students and industry.

It’s a really intensive course, crammed with knowledge, so it really helps to have a lecturer who is willing to put in as much work as you are willing to! Thank you!

Alana Matthews
Course Attendee

I found the course very useful and informative. The lecturer is very knowledgeable and interactive. He’s intuitive to the needs of the class and what is needed to achieve the learner requirements, or to challenge them.

Lester Vermeulen
Graphic Designer, Zando

Pierre is an absolutely fantastic teacher. I started actually using the skills I was learning from day one. It is so encouraging to learn in such a practical manner. Apart from being an awesome teacher, Pierre was great fun to be around!

Carla Turner
Designer, Pomegranite

The course was super fun, practical and informative!

Michelle van den Berg
Designer, Henley & Partners

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